Conversations with Papa Charlie

A Memory of Charles E. Smith

By David Bruce Smith
Illustrations by Clarice Smith

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About Conversations with Papa Charlie

David Bruce Smith offers us this charming memory of his remarkable grandfather—a Russian Jew who immigrated to America in 1911 and built the Charles E. Smith real estate empire.

In these pages, you too will feel you are listening to stories about the amazing life of this kindly but business-savvy entrepreneur, and to gentle advice for succeeding in your own life.

“I was a lucky grandson,” writes David Bruce Smith. “Papa Charlie was kind and gentle, and his laughter could instantly dispel sadness. His eyes always sparkled with youth because he was ever-youthful and adventurous. But the most important thing he did for me was to constantly encourage me, even if I didn’t always understand why.”

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David Bruce Smith
Clarice Smith
119 pages, Hardcover

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Praise for Conversations with Papa Charlie

Conversations with Papa Charlie made me miss my grandfather and the stories he used to tell me. Growing up in the Washington area, Charles E. Smith was a familiar name to me. I always thought it was a made up corporate entity. It’s nice to see that Charles Smith was a real person, and not a heartless corporate giant. I recommend this book to all those who are looking for a little guidance in life, and for anyone who just wants to read some heartwarming stories.

— A reader from Bethesda, MD

Papa Charlie’s pieces of advice are decidely homespun ... this unassuming volume turns around and ends on an astonishingly poetic note ...

— Washingtonian

Clearly shows that this connection lives on after Charles E. Smith’s death . . . Papa Charlie would be proud.

— Rockville Gazette

It reads like a recipe for success ... subtly reveals the wisdom of a man who made significant contributions ...

— The Georgetowner

Smith was a legend in DC, but few people know he gave the best advice this side of Dear Abby.

— The Washington Times

Heartwarming tale ... endearing ... will bring tears to readers eyes ...

— Montgomery County Sentinel

In essence, this is a memoir written by a loving grandson.

— Washington Jewish Week

He would be a good example for others to use ...

— The Connection

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