Three Miles from Providence

A Tale of Abraham Lincoln and the Soldiers' Home

By David Bruce Smith
Illustrations by Clarice Smith

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About Three Miles from Providence

In this unique book about Abraham Lincoln the author has created a fictitious veteran of the Mexican-American War who is subsequently asked to guard Lincoln at the White House, and the Soldiers’ Home—the “Camp David” of the times where Lincoln spent one quarter of his presidency, and is believed to have written a draft of the Emancipation Proclamation. Told in diary form, “Three Miles from Providence” starts at Lincoln’s inaugural in 1861 and concludes seven generations later in 2008. During the intervening 137 years, the reader learns what happens—and what doesn’t—at the Soldiers’ Cottage. Smith has deftly distinguished each generation by a switch of font.

For more information on the history of the Soldiers’ Home visit their website.


David Bruce Smith
Clarice Smith
137 pages Leather Bound

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David Bruce Smith Publications; 1st edition (December 13, 2007)

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Praise for Three Miles from Providence

In this engaging historical 'tale' David Bruce Smith deftly weaves together numerous strands pertaining to President Lincoln and his family's cottage retreat located just three miles from the White House. Well researched and creatively presented with wonderful illustrations. You'll feel like you have discovered a hidden gem from your grandfather's attic.

— Richard Moe
President National Trust for Historic Preservation

The book seductively draws the reader into the story because of the intimate diary format, even complete with misspelled words for added realism. With the historically accurate leather binding, stamped with a 'US' seal, it makes you feel you are privy to an undiscovered Civil War manuscript. This text gives the reader a glimpse into the world of a behind-the-scenes 'summer' White House through the eyes of a Mexican American War veteran, and someone who is clearly devoted to serving this beleaguered wartime president.

— William Adair
Art Historian

This is a great realistic work of historical fiction. If you love Lincoln, the Civil War or are a history buff who likes to own unique books, this is outstanding. The pages of the book are like a real diary. It is very well done. This is well worth owning.

— Matt from Maryland

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